Welcome to the Home of Dallas Bass Hookers!


Our club is located in Dallas, TX and meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:00 PM in the Bass Pro Shop – Garland, TX.

Our Mission:

We are a private, non-profit, sportsman's organization dedicated to the sport of bass fishing and fresh water fisheries conservation. All proceeds raised by the club from dues, sponsors, tournament entry fees are returned to the members in the form of trophies, prizes and cash awards.
The purpose of our organization is to promote the sport of Bass Fishing and provide an opportunity for collaboration, fellowship and learning.  Our goals are to:

          1.  Meet and discuss the various problems of fishermen.
          2.  Help the members become more skilled in bass fishing through collaboration.
          3.  Promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this sport.
          4.  Make bass fishing more fun through fellowship.
          5.  Make bass fishing a more productive sport through conservation & sportsmanship.

We also believe that in order for our sport to grow and strive, we should do everything in our power to include the youth in our activities. Accordingly, we host an annual free Kid’s Fish the first Saturday in June.  In addition to the kids fishing derby, members talk to the kids about safety, conservation, knot tying, and various types of tackle to use based on the species they are angling for.   

The event is sponsored by Dallas Bass Hookers and Cedar Hill Parks and Recreation.  This event is free, and open to the public. Our KID FISH is about more than just fishing.  Our program gives children and families the opportunity to experience a tradition and build mentoring relations with the members of Dallas Bass Hookers.   We annually have over 250 kids register for our event.